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Relocation Services

By establishing contact with our clients well before their arrival, we can pinpoint their needs and expedite the relocation process. Our services include:

Briefing call understand needs & expectations

Provide descriptions and pictures of properties

Provide Welcome Pack with useful information about the city

Provide an orientation tour to relevant areas & neighborhoods

Visit 2-3 examples of properties

Inform about housing, schooling, cultural & information & local social life

Briefing call to understand needs & expectations

Short-term stay search and provide descriptions and pictures of properties

Visit some examples of properties if requested

Assistance of negotiation terms of agreement

Coordinate arrival date and collection of keys

Carry out check if requested

Briefing call to understand needs & expectations

Pre-select properties that meet client’s requirements.

Provide descriptions and pictures of properties

Provide Welcome Pack with useful information about the city

Personal accompaniment during house visits

Negotiate lease terms & assistance during signature

Conduct check in inspection and provide check in document

Arrange utility connections (water, electricity, gas)

Arrange internet /telephone connection installation and utility hook-ups

Intake interview with family to choose appropriate schools & day care centers

Provide information about the state/private and international schools

Identify the appropriate schools

Research the availability of school places

Organize appointments with school directors

Accompany to schools appointments

Assist with application form & registration

File notice for lease cancellation and return of security deposit

Coordinate disconnection of utilities, phone, internet, satellite

Arrange hotel for temporary accommodation until date of departure

Assist with deregistration with local authorities

Assist with forwarding of mail

Conduct check out inspection

Hand over and talk through checklist

Follow up with landlord for deposit return

Furniture rentals


Activities for children

Familiarization tours

Assistance to get insurance

Tenancy Management


Sport Clubs

Immigration & administrative Services

Our services are designed to speed up the process of handling the technical and administrative aspects of transferring to a new country, ensuring our clients can save time and avoid unnecessary paperwork. We analyze the profile in advance and understand the particularities of the client to prepare the right documentation before they leave their base country.

Present in Barcelona, Madrid & Sevilla, BRS Relocation & Mobility Services is a renowned law firm in Spain with a team of expert lawyers specializing in global mobility services. Our lawyers are experienced in handling complex legal matters related to international relocations, immigration, and cross-border employment.

At BRS, we understand the significance of a smooth transition for individuals and companies relocating to Spain. That’s why we provide tailored solutions that meet our clients’ unique needs while ensuring compliance with legal requirements. Our Lawyers are equipped to provide legal advice in English, Spanish, French and other languages to ensure effective communication and avoid misunderstandings.

Our global mobility services include advising on immigration, work permits, visas, and residence permits, as well as guidance on tax and social security implications. We also offer support in handling lease agreements, property purchases, and school enrollment for relocating families.

Our team work closely with clients to develop effective strategies that align with their business goals and provide cost-effective solutions. We understand the importance of building long-term relationships with our clients, and our commitment to providing high-quality legal services has earned us a reputation as one of the leading Lawyers Global Mobility Spain.

If you’re looking for reliable and experienced Lawyers Global Mobility Spain, BRS Relocation & Mobility Services is the right choice. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and learn how we can help you with your global mobility needs.

Bank account opening

Social Security numbers

Local health card

City hall registration

Tax registration

Beckham Law application

Driving license

Vehicle Import

Resident permits

Work permits

NIE number


Re-Entry permits

Renovation of resident & Work permits

Legalization of documents

Apostilled documents


Cross Cultural & Language Training

Relocation implies coming face-to-face with an exciting period of adjustment and discovery. To ease the integration, we can assist in the following areas:

We can assist your spouse or partner in his/her integration, including job search tools, shopping tips, special interest organizations, and key contacts.

BRS organizes spouse events free of charge for our clients in order to share experiences, get to know other families and get support and advice in how to interact with the Spanish culture.

Getting to know the city and its history will enhance your appreciation of the culture and ease your transition. We can arrange for a personalized tour with experts in the field who will answer your questions and give you interesting information about the city.

Because language opens many doors, we offer a list of language schools and private tutors, which you can choose from based on your time and language requirements.

We can coordinate your participation in personalized programs to provide crucial insight. The courses are designed to help you deal successfully with people of different backgrounds, avoiding culture shock and interpersonal blunders. Areas of study include social practices, business etiquette, communication and negotiation styles, effective management and daily life.

Expense Management

More and more corporations are finding it increasingly difficult to set up vendors, and get satisfactory, regularized payment systems going when it comes to their expatriate staff.

We offer expense management services that deliver a compliant solution. We develop an expense management service to fit the needs of your organization and relocation program. We want to make a potentially complicated and time-consuming process into a simple and easy process

We will make sure that everything is paid in a timely manner, so the HR department can focus elsewhere.

Move Coordination

We have, through coordination of our network of agents, excellent professionals who are responsible for managing every step of each moving, all over the world.

Organize personal interview and home inspection.

Send 3 different quotes for your approval

Check documents

Car park permits and external lifts

Monitoring and reporting of the moving